Asia Citizen Future Association (ACFA) is thrilled to announce we will be hosting our report launch and forum on 22 August 2023, in Taipei.

Shrinking civic space has been a common threats faced by the Southeast Asian countries in recent years. Against this backdrop, ACFA has conducted research to explore the accessibility to Taiwan’s civic space, and aims to open a dialogue on how Taiwan, as one of the nearest democracy to Southeast Asia, could collaborate with Southeast Asian civil society to defend civic space together!

During this forum, we will be discussing the following topics:

  • Report Launch | Exploring Taiwan's Roles Amid The Crises of Closing Civic Space in the Southeast Asia
  • Panel | Enhance the Accessibility to Taiwan's Civic Space: Foreigner's Rights to Association in Taiwan.
  • Panel | Threats to Freedom of Association in Southeast Asia:  Cases in Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, and the Philippines.
  • Rise Talk | Regional NGO Hub in Peril: Thailand in Democracy's Crossroad.
  • Roundtable| Initial Exploration of Taiwan’s Roles to Confronting the Trend of Closing Civic Space in the Region.

This event is by invitation only, please contact us at to request to register for our report launch event.

研究發表論壇|探索台灣在東南亞區域公民空間緊縮下的角色Last updated on Jul 24, 2023


近年來,壓制性政府(repressive government)相互合作,造成區域內公民社會組織與人權捍衛者面臨嚴峻挑戰,更使東南亞區域內的公民空間持續緊縮。在此背景下,亞洲公民未來協會進行研究,分析台灣公民空間對東南亞區域公民社會之可近性,並探討在這樣的區域危機與趨勢下,台灣如何與東南亞公民社會發展實質合作。本研究發布論壇將探討以下主題:

  • 研究發佈【探索台灣在東南亞區域公民空間緊縮下的角色】
  • 提高台灣公民空間的可近性:外籍人士在台結社權之現況與展望
  • 東南亞結社自由的現況與挑戰:以馬來西亞、柬埔寨、新加坡、緬甸和菲律賓為例
  • 專題對話-威脅下的區域NGO中心:泰國公民空間的挑戰與重要性
  • 焦點議題圓桌論壇:初探台灣在區域公民空間緊縮下如何與東南亞公民社會合作